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Mezzo Soprano

Destined” to seek out the hero of Tír na nÓg and save her people. She has been brought up to put others first, do what is expected of her, and has a strong sense of duty. Despite this, she longs to make choices for herself and play her own part in her story, not the one written for her.



First born son of Fionn McCumhaill, incredibly charming and endearing. He constantly feels that he needs to live up to his father’s reputation. He believes that gaining power and titles will earn him the respect he craves.


Mezzo Soprano/Soprano

A fairy, Niamh’s best friend and moral guidance. She believes in doing what is right, even if that means breaking the rules now and then. She was sent to the palace as a child by her mother, the Fairy Queen, to befriend and protect Niamh along with her younger brother Eabhar.



A fairy, Einín’s younger brother, always tagging along behind Niamh and Einín. Loyal to a fault, definite comic relief. Desperate for Niamh to fall in love with him and highly suspicious of anyone who comes between him and Niamh.


Mezzo Soprano/Alto

A fairy, exiled from society in Tír na nÓg for breaking the law and entrancing a human. She is bitter and determined to prove that the status quo isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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